The Grocery section at Buy Low Market, Top Valu Market, Amar Ranch Market and Valu Mart Food Warehouse contains all the packaged food items you’re looking for. From breakfast cereals to lunch spreads and frozen dinners, from snacks to cooking spices to coffee, tea and soft drinks—we have what you need.

Walking our aisles, you’ll find a plentiful selection of grocery items to choose from. Whether you’re looking to buy staples such as rice or beans or searching for that special canned sauce for tonight’s dinner, our stores are sure to have your items in stock. If you want to shop just one grocery store and find at all, we’re the ones to visit.

We carry a wide selection of new and popular foods as well as old favorites, priced with your budget in mind. If you’re looking for deals on your everyday grocery shopping, make sure you look at weekly specials. You’ll save big each week on grocery items by taking advantage of our generous deals.

While you’re shopping, check out the many Non-Food items in our aisles.